10 Coolest Paper Cameras

不在工作狀態的星期五早上, 好朋友send來一條link, 看到「花喱花綠」別出心裁的紙相機, print出來剪剪貼貼, 雖然實際用途未測試過, 但光是製造的過程已經夠好玩了! 就來與大家分享一下, 以下十部紙相機, 大部份有紙樣可供D.I.Y., 針孔相機利用最原始的光學原理, 捕捉夢境般的low-fi 影像, 可說是最原始的lomo相機, 有興趣的朋友可以點擊圖片download試一試!

The Peyote Paper Camera by Corbis Readymech

A super cool one! My favourite!

 Hole-on-Ex DIY Paper Camera

Retro 80's Outlook

Sharan SQ35 Paper Camera for Rolls of Film

The most "realistic" one

Rubikon Paper Camera by Hubero Kororo

Really love this simple black line design

Pinhole Art DIY Camera

The classic

Pentax Paper Camera

A serious piece of papercraft. It looks just so REAL!

World Pinhole Camera Day by Corbis Readymech

Gosh...another funny print!

Dirkon Paper Camera

A professional and vintage one

Mother Camera by Corbis Readymech

Another artpiece which is playful and abstract

 Paper Polaroid Camera

Polaroid...our all time favorite!

Source and more information: THE COOLEST*


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